Levente Sulyok, modern art, contemporary art, contemporary painting, contemporary american painting, contemporary hungarian art, contemporary hungarian painting, conceptual painting
2007-present POD PAD experiments  

Infinite Loop 84"x20"x24" printer, 10 feet long print looped, cables, platform 2017


I collected ads over one month from various email offers. Dozens of taglines were cut and pasted from the ads and printed over an 8.5" wide and 10 feet long scroll of paper in magenta tone. On the second layer of the print, I printed a continuous streak of printer malfunction (glitch) in cyan tone. On the third layer of the print, I printed the code of the images from the ads in black tone. This layer is repeated misaligned to make the code unreadable. These layers are referred to on the control panel of the modified printer as Lacan's triad of the Real (the glitch), the Imaginary (the taglines), and the Symbolic (the code). The scroll of paper is set to loop through the printer infinitely.