Levente Sulyok, modern art, contemporary art, contemporary painting, contemporary american painting, contemporary hungarian art, contemporary hungarian painting, conceptual painting
2007-present POD PAD experiments  

Documenta Detour (a public intervention) 2012

Note on the exhibition proposal:

This is a concept sketch for presenting the findings of Documenta Detour. In this configuration, the left bookshelf houses all of the official catalogues and notebooks published for the dOCUMENTA(13) exhibition. The contents of this shelf are fixed behind glass and remain inaccessible to viewers. The right shelf contains original and translated volumes of the 12 guerilla notebooks produced during our performance. This bookshelf is open to anyone’s perusal and usage. On a platform between the two bookshelves, a laptop displays the project’s blog flanked by framed artifacts on the wall above.

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