Levente Sulyok, modern art, contemporary art, contemporary painting, contemporary american painting, contemporary hungarian art, contemporary hungarian painting, conceptual painting
2007-present POD PAD experiments  

Red/White/Blue Subprime Space 46"x46"x8" (each) aluminum, LED panels, prints, sound 2015


This installation was commissioned for the 1st Asuncion Biennial in Paraguay. It is based on a single panel sculpture titled Subprime Space (in blue) completed in 2012. For Asuncion, I completed a 3-panel iteration of the sculpture. Each panel is a copy of a typical electronic billboard module. The LED panels display scrolling text (alternating financial slogans in English and Spanish) and are turned towards the wall of the gallery where they are reduced to a flickering glow. The installation includes two additional components: One component is a column of stacked letter-size prints listing financial slogans translated into Spanish using Google Translate (on pedestal in center). All miss-translations are left intact, and the prints are free for the public to take. Another component is the sound recording produced from the reading of the same slogans. The replay speed of the reading is slowed down to 1% of its original speed so that the language becomes unintelligible and turns into a drone of humming sound.