Levente Sulyok, modern art, contemporary art, contemporary painting, contemporary american painting, contemporary hungarian art, contemporary hungarian painting, conceptual painting
2007-present POD PAD experiments  

A Drawing In Six Movements (installation view) 2005



This drawing began as an idea of filling up a sheet of paper with circles, perfectly lined up on a grid and touching each other. The concept itself in its perfection is the first of these drawings and exists only in the mind. The second drawing was executed with a compass as carefully as possible, which nonetheless is less than perfect by virtue of its nature. The third drawing was done by freehand. For each additional drawing thereafter, I attached the pen to a progressively longer rod to further impede my ability to execute the drawing according to its original concept. The last drawing was completed with a six-foot pole. I discovered that I unintentionally traversed the ideological distance between LeWitt and de Kooning by simply completing my task.